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Women Should Be Able To Travel Solo

on April 30, 2013

I share your sentiments, but the reality is that you can’t change reality very much very quickly. All the protesting in the world will not make Turkey much safer for women in the short run, unfortunately. But the struggle is worth it.

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Last week, a woman and mother of two from New York City was found murdered in Turkey. She was there on a solo three week trip, trying to hone her new found interest and skill in photography. It is a horrible story of untimely death.

It’s a story that needs to be told, but not for the reasons that everyone keeps saying. First, let’s all try to understand that as awful as the issue of violence befalling female solo travelers is, it’s constantly sensationalized. I’m not trying to take away the absolute tragedy of this story and others like it, but women who are hurt, killed, or go missing (especially abroad) become story lines that the world media grabs onto, despite the fact that statistically, you’re more likely to be hurt or killed in your own city in a car crash or by someone you know than you are…

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