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Journeywoman – 12 Things You’ll Find Difficult in Northern India

on April 30, 2013

12 Things You’ll Find Difficult in Northern India

Deb Corbeil is one half of Canada’s Adventure Couple. She has just finished traveling with her husband, Dave through Nepal, Sri Lanka and India where she climbed to Mount Everest Base Camp, joined a pilgrimage to Adams Peak and participated in Holi, India’s most colourful festival. Deb is quick to tell you that travelling in south India is not as extreme as the northern part of the country and it definitely was far easier there. You can read more about this couple’s adventures at you want to go to India? It’s been calling you for years and you’re feeling ready to explore this fascinating, thrilling yet frustrating country. I’m writing this article while on my first trip to Northern India. For someone travelling from North America the culture shock you feel will be intense and you’ll need time to acclimatize yourself.

I know you’ll find what I have to say harsh but don’t be put off by it. It’s meant to prepare you so that the ‘shock’ in your culture shock will not be as intense as mine was. That said, this is an experience you’ll savour for the rest of your life. I would not have missed the markets in Delhi, the splendour of the Taj Mahal, Agra’s Red Fort, the holy city of Varanasi, Rajasthan’s camel market, and the beautiful people who live here for anything in the world.

Read More at: Journeywoman – 12 Things You’ll Find Difficult in Northern India.


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